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How to get NTN in Pakistan

  Individuals can get your National Tax Number (NTN) from FBR. The process is easy nowadays. You don’t need to visit the Federal Board of Revenue office.


Tax Asaan App Easy Guide

Tax Asaan is a mobile application launched by FBR to
facilitate taxpayers. It is available free on Android and iOS smart phones. APP based Income Tax Return filing
option is also available in Iris. This feature will help taxpayer to
proceed step by step utilizing interactive questions for return filing.

How do I pay my ATL Surcharge?

ATL (Active Tax Payer) list is based upon the basis of tax return filled for tax year 2019. Late filers of Tax Return 2019 are not included in ATL. They After filing Income Tax Return for TY 2019, can pay “Surcharge for ATL” by following the below steps.

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