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How do I pay my ATL Surcharge?

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ATL (Active Tax Payer) list is based upon the basis of tax return filled for tax year 2019. Late filers of Tax Return 2019 are not included in ATL. They After filing Income Tax Return for TY 2019, can pay “Surcharge for ATL” by following the below steps.

1: Click on https://e.fbr.gov.pk/AuthLogin.aspx

2: Click e-Payments ➡️Income Tax ➡️Select year 2019 ➡️Select Type NTN or CNIC

3: Select Tax Payment Nature ⬇️

4: Select Tax Payment Section ⬇️182(A)” Surcharge for ATL

5: Enter Amount

6: Fill email address and Mobile number and create PSID.

After payment of tax challan and wait of few hours you will appear in ATL

Normally Banks in Pakistan update their customers profiles every Monday.