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Sole Proprietor Registration in Pakistan

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Sole Proprietor Registration in Pakistan

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Sole proprietor is the type of business run and managed by a single person, or in the meaning of law, there is no distinction between the owner and business in terms of the law.

In simple words, if any case or suit is filed against the company, it will be treated as it is pointed directly against the owner. Insole proprietor registration, all the profit, loss, and liabilities are the profit, loss, and asset-liability of the owner.

The term sole proprietor means the business has only a single owner, and no other directors or partners are involved in sole proprietor business registration. The sole proprietor business registration structure is the simplest than other forms of business, such as a private limited company or partnership firm. One of the benefits of a sole proprietor business is that a single person manages it. It does not mean that there is any restriction for employment, and the sole proprietor can employ many employees as he wanted to run his business efficiently.

The sole proprietor can use any business name depending on the name mentioned in the sole proprietor registration certificate issued by the Federal Board of Revenue. A sole proprietor is also allowed to open the Bank Account with the name of the business.

If you are interested in registering your business as a sole proprietor ABH TAX Consultants is the best consultancy firm that can offer you business registration. For further information, feel free to contact us.

Documents Required for Sole Proprietor Registration:

1. CNIC of the Person Applying for Sole Proprietor Registration.
2. Name of the Business.
3. Address of the Business.
4. Letter Head of the Business.
5. Electricity Bill of the Address.
6. Bank Account Number, Bank Name and Branch.

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