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List of documents needs to file Income Tax Return for tax year 2023

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Following list of documents is needed for salaried person to accurately file Income Tax Return for FY 23. Last date is 30th September 2023.

  • Salary certificate or total salary for tax year
  • Tax deducted at source certificate
  • Bank balance at close of tax year
  • Any other source of income
  • Any assets movable or immovable bought or sold during fiscal year
  • If bank account is savings account then a withholding certificate from bank
  • Withholding certificate of your mobile phone and ptcl if any
  • Withholding certificate of internet service provider if any
  • Vehicle tax or registration tax
  • Any investment made during year
  • Detail of major expenses
  • Gas
  • Electricity bill of july (have complete detail of whole year)
  • Household expense amount
  • National or international travel during the year
  • Zakat if paid to recognized institution by FBR
  • State life premium if any
  • List of inheritance during the year
  • List of gift received or gifted
  • Amount of foreign remittance if any