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How to get NTN in Pakistan

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Individuals can get your National Tax Number (NTN) from FBR. The process is easy nowadays. You don’t need to visit the Federal Board of Revenue office.

You can get your NTN by themselves or via professionals.

  1. Basic requirements before starting the process of getting NTN are as under:
  1. Copy of CNIC of the person who wants NTN. In case if only CNIC number is available than what you need extra is
    1. Full name of the applicant
    1. Local address
    1. Email address approachable at the time of NTN process started.
    1. Local mobile number active at that time with the information of “Current Service provider”

You will get the window

  1. Fill the basic information
  2. Fill address Information
  3. Fill the code provided (it is case sensitive)
  4. Click Submit

Now two different 6 digits codes will be sent to you on given cell number and email address.

Enter the codes in the relevant fields and submit again. Your account will be created and you will receive a password and pin from FBR via SMS or email. Use the User ID and password sent to you, to log in to your account.

After logging in to your IRIS account, click on draft. You will see a 181 form for NTN registration.

Click on edit button and you will see different tabs like Personal Tab, Business Tab, Property Tab, Link Tab, Attachment and Bank Account tab.

Fill out the information in the registration form. You need to fill information Bank Tab by entering IBFT and IBAN (Compulsory).

Submit to complete the registration. Recheck all the information given in the registration form.

Download 181 form by clicking on print option and saving it as Pdf document.

Attach it save and Submit.

Welldone; your NTN process is complete.

What is Online NTN Verification Procedure?

A taxpayer can verify NTN/STRN with FBR by visiting Online NTN/STRN Verification  and following these steps:

  1. Click ‘Online NTN/STRN Inquiry’ from the left sidebar.
  2. Select the CNIC from ‘Parameter Type’ drop-down.
  3. Provide your CNIC number without dashes in ‘Registration No’ field.
  4. Provide captcha against ‘Captcha’ field.
  5. After providing information, click ‘Verify’ button.
  6. On successful verification of provided credentials, system will display the results.

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