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Got 120 Notice from FBR – What should you do?

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120 (Order to make Self-assessment)

Understanding Section 120: Universal Self-Assessment

  • Concept: Section 120 embodies the concept of Universal Self-Assessment, where the income tax return filed by a taxpayer is treated as a self-assessment. This means that the return submitted by the taxpayer is deemed to be the assessment order itself, provided it meets certain conditions.
  • Automatic Acceptance: Under this system, the return filed by the taxpayer is automatically accepted as the final assessment unless the FBR identifies any discrepancies or issues a notice for further scrutiny.

Seek Professional Assistance if Needed

  • Consult a Tax Advisor: If you are unsure about how to address the deficiencies or complete the forms, it may be beneficial to consult a tax advisor or a professional with expertise in Pakistani tax law.
  • Avoid Penalties: Properly addressing the notice can help you avoid penalties under Section 182 for non-compliance or providing false information.

Reach out to help if you are unable to file your Tax Returns Properly