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Expert Guidance for Converting Your SMC to a Private Company in Pakistan

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Converting a Single Member Company (SMC) to a Private Company (Pvt) in Pakistan is a significant decision for any business owner. ABH Tax Consultants Islamabad is here to guide you through this intricate process, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

The Process Overview:

  1. Board Approval: The conversion starts with the Board of Directors’ approval.
  2. Notice and Resolution: Issuing a 21-day notice for a general meeting to pass a special resolution.
  3. Legal Formalities: Altering the Articles of Association and increasing directors and shareholders count.
  4. Documentation Submission: Filing various forms and documents with the registrar, including Form 26, amended Memorandum and Articles of Association, and others as required.
  5. Final Steps: After successful filing, the registrar issues a certificate of conversion. Subsequent changes in company stationery and records are necessary to reflect the new status.

Why Choose ABH Tax Consultants? Our expert team at ABH Tax Consultants Islamabad simplifies this transition for you. We offer comprehensive consulting services to navigate each step, from legal formalities to final documentation.

Transitioning your business from an SMC to a Pvt company is a strategic move towards growth. With ABH Tax Consultants, you can make this transition smoothly and efficiently, opening new avenues for your business.

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